Kita Alexander
Kita’s journey starts, predictably enough, on the water. Growing up in the beachside town of Port Macquarie, it was an idyllic childhood spent surfing at the beach, hanging out with friends and listening to staples of her parents’ record collection.

When she’s not surfing, Australian singer Kita writes wistful, sophisticated pop songs that are never too far removed from the ocean.

In May 2017 Kita Alexander released details of her sophomore EP, Hotel. The first track on the EP, Hotel, is the type of song that stops you in your tracks. Laid over beautiful, minimal production, Kita’s dusky alto voice helps the emotional, sombre lyrics leave a lasting mark on whomever they share company.

In May 2019 Kita Alexander returned with her latest single Between You & I, a punchy indie pop hit from the young songwriter who divides her time between Australia and travelling on the world Surf circuit. Kita’s total career streams to date amasses over 80 million, a tribute to her late sister and was one of the first local releases to make the Spotify Top 50 without commercial radio airplay.

Kita Alexander
“Some day you’ll find me”