Wallaby Water is welcomed to The Drop Festival

The plastic- free movement is growing and The Drop Festival is stoked to welcome Wallaby Water - Australia’s most recycled and most recyclable packaged water alternative - to the festival!

Dominic Goldsworthy started Wallaby Water when he learnt that just 9% of the world's plastic is being recycled, ever. That means around 78 MILLION TONNES of plastic is going to landfill or into our oceans every year. In Australia, this means just 1 in 5 PET plastic bottles, those used for bottled water, are being recycled. Despite container collection schemes, plastic bottle suppliers and producers continue to purchase cheaper virgin plastic.

With this in mind, in June 2019, Dominic launched a trial run of 50,000 cans filled with pristine Australian spring water with the expectation it would take six months to sell. Seven months later and Wallaby Water is on track to replace 1 million plastic bottles within their first twelve months! 

A small team, making a big impact. Find Wallaby Water at The Drop Festival nationwide.

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