Spotify Releases “Pet Playlist” for Your Furry Friends Listening Pleasure

Whether is partying with you pooch or listening to harmonies with your hamster, Spotify has you covered with their new “Pet Playlist” generator- a tool that customises playlists based on your furry, feathered or scaled friend’s personality traits.

The Pet Playlist tool allows you to choose between a dog, cat, hamster, iguana or bird, select between a few character traits such as relaxed or energetic, friendly or shy, then Spotify will compile a personalised playlist based on the information as well as your own listening habits.

The new playlist tool comes as a result of Spotify’s online survey that found 80% of pet owners believe their pets love listening to the odd tune, 71% have played music to their pets and most pet owners believe music can relieve stress in pets, boost their happiness and keep them company.

Head to to create the playlist.

Image credit: Getty/ Kristina Kohanova, Getty/Artparadigm