Six Awesome Adventures To Take These Summer Holidays
1. Road trip along the Great Ocean Road from Torquay

Pack the car, grab your mates and get ready to drive one of the world’s most scenic drives; The Great Ocean Road.

Starting in Torquay and driving south, this iconic road trip is one not to be missed, giving you access to some of Australia’s best surf beaches, magnificent coastal views and lush rainforests.

Be sure to stop often to take in the scenery and keep an eye out for kangaroos in Anglesea as well as the koalas at Kennett River.

Hot tip: Get to the famous 12 Apostles lookout before 9am to beat the large number of tourist buses that roll through.

2. Snorkel at Manly’s Cabbage Tree Bay

Take a short walk around from the south end of Manly Beach and discover the underwater world of Cabbage Tree Bay. Arguably the most popular snorkelling spot in Sydney, this aquatic reserve is part of the Manly National and World Surfing Reserve and is home to over 160 species of fish.

Look out for blue gropers, cuttlefish and wobbegong sharks as well as several protected species such as sea dragons, black rock cod and the occasional hawksbill turtle.

3. Spend a day at the Merewether Baths in Newcastle

Located on the edge of Merewether beach, the Merewether Baths opened in 1935 and are the largest seawater baths of their kind in New South Wales.

Well loved for their pristine waters, coastline views, nearby cafes and safe and shallows swimming areas, the baths offer a perfect day out for young families exploring Newcastle.

4. See the Stingrays at Hamelin Bay near Busselton

An hours drive south from Busselton, Hamelin Bay is one of Australia’s best spots to see wild stingrays up close.

Swimming and snorkelling is permitted at the beach and chances of spotting the rays are highest in the summer however school or rays, usually in groups of 3 to ten, are known to visit year round.

Naturally docile and curious creatures the stingrays will only become aggressive if threatened so be careful not to accidently step or fall on one.

Image credit: Wayne Koh

5. Go surfing at one of Noosa’s many beaches

With a plethora of surf beaches to choose from with a variety of waves perfect for the beginner to advanced, Noosa is the ideal spot for a fun weekend of surfing whatever your ability.

Choose between the longboarder’s dream conditions of Little Cove and First Point, the idyllic scenery of Tea Tree Bay, the long rides at Nationals or the minimal crowd of Sunshine Beach. With Noosa offering a whole coastline of surf breaks the biggest decision will choosing where to surf first.

6. Walk from Coolangatta to Point Danger and picnic at Froggy Beach

Named by Captain Cook on his 1770 journey up the east coast of Australia, Point Danger sits between Coolangatta and Tweed Heads and marks the official border between Queensland and New South Wales.

After taking in the expansive views, take the walking track from the southern end of Coolangatta, through Snapper Rocks, Rainbow Beach and walk down past the Snapper Rocks RSL to a secluded and protected area named Froggy Beach. Lesser known by tourists and sheltered from the wind this sandy beach is a hidden gem and is perfect for a quiet picnic with friends.

Hot tip: Look out for the bright green frog painted on the rock to know you’re in the right spot.

Photo credit: Bec Patterson Photography /