Meet the World’s Warmest Wetsuit as voted by Stab Magazine

Meet the worlds warmest wetsuit as voted by the legends at Stab Magazine.

In the 2018 “You’ve Got Winter” Westsuit Test as performed by Stab Mag, Rip Curl’s Flashbomb Heat Seeker earned top points for both the warmest and fastest drying suit. Along with surfers Noah, Wegrich, Blair Conklin and Jesse Guglielmana, over 70 wetsuits from ten of the finest neoprene manufacturers were tried and tested in search for the best westsuit for the 2018/2019 season.

The team at Stab Mag were keen to see if these metrics stayed true for the award winner this year and the results are in!

(Hint: they did)

Other notable neoprene winners include Rip Curl’s Heat Seeker 3/2 and the E-Bomb 4/3.

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Photo credit: Stab Magazine