Interview: Talking festivals & photography with Miranda Stokkel

She’s the energetic, smiling photographer you’ll usually find, camera in hand, as she captures your best side in the pit or on the dance floor.

With a passion for people, fun and high vibes this talented photographer started out by sneaking her camera into festivals to build her portfolio.

Specializing in candid portraits, wedding and festival photography we sat down with Miranda Stokkel to find out what goes on behind the lens and what makes a great festival photo.

What drew you to photography and how did you get started?

My parents and grandparents were always filming or photographing us as kids, so cameras were always around. 

Being able to look back on my life through images means so much to me, photos of good times and my favourite people are honestly some of the things I cherish most in this life! In hindsight, the simple things back in the day are now even more beautiful to me. I think that photos have a sense of retrospect to your future self. That’s’ why I love capturing people! I hope that they love the photos now, but I especially hope that in the future they look back on those moments and love them or appreciate them for what they were even more. 

I started out by investing in a camera and I took it absolutely everywhere whilst I learnt how to use it. It didn't matter what kind of camera, just taking it places and actually shooting was what got things started for me. I'd take my camera to festivals and post my photos of strangers and also mates to Insta and things took off from there. I'd reach out to people and look for opportunities to shoot as much as physically possible. 

This will be your third year photographing the people of The Drop Festival, what has been your favourite memory to date?

YES! Oh my gosh, I am obsessed with The Drop Fest! It’s pretty hard to choose a fav moment because it’s always so much fun but the first thing that comes to mind is shooting Cooly in 2019! The crowd was SO MUCH FUN! I love getting into the pit and capturing people in the moment and that years crowd was just so stoked, friendly and loving the day so much! I felt like I could really capture their vibe because they were on such a good level! I love when people let their inhibitions go and get out there and dance, that’s the best thing about festivals for me! Everyone having the time of their life and it really showed in the pics from Cooly 2019! 

You’re going on a road trip and can bring anyone with you. Who would you choose?

Woah! Such a tough decision! Has to be my bestie Ellie, couldn't ever get sick of her and she has old school taste in music, so we'd be set for the long drive! 

What makes a great festival photo?

THE VIBES!!!! For me a great festival photo is about the stoke levels in the shot! If you're having the time of your life and are giving off great vibes – that’s an epic shot for me! I especially love a big group having a boogie or a laugh together! 

You’re based in Victoria, where are some of your favourite go-to places in and around Torquay?

Torquay is amazing!!! I'm a big fan of Lorne, anything along the Great Ocean Road! We're sooooo lucky to have such a beautiful coastline in Victoria and the drive down the Great Ocean Road is next level! 

Look out for Miranda as she shoots at The Drop Festival around Australia in 2020 and follow all the photographic adventures:



Image credit: Kate Shanasy, Miranda Stokkel