How to Festival the Eco Friendly Way

Good times and good tunes don’t have to come at the expense of the environment. Here are five easy tips to festival the eco-friendly way.

 1. BYO water bottle. Not only will this save your wallet but you’ll also be saving the environment from all those single use plastics, you’ll stay hydrated all day long. Make use of the refilling stations and be sure to make sure the water bottle is made from reusable plastic or non-metal  material as metal water bottles are prohibited from many festival including The Drop Festival.

 2. Hold Onto Your Cups. Hold onto your cups and ask the friendly staff to refill your beverage or head to one of the many on hand recycling bins throughout the festival grounds to recycle.

 3. Transport. Think of how you and your mates are getting to and from the festival- make use of public transport, free shuttle buses or ride shares. Head The Drop Festival "Getting There" page to help plan your trip!

 4. Biodegradable Glitter. Get your glitter on with some biodegradable glitter!  Thanks to the environmental movement of many beauty brands there are now many biodegradable, eco-friendly and cruelty free glitter brands to choose from for all your sparkly festival needs.

5.  Festival fashion- thrift shop or make your own! We all love a good festival outfit. Stand out from the crowd in a one-off scored from your local thrift store, second hand market or DIY for that perfect get up. You’ll look great, have saved the environment from unnecessary resources and you know you’ll be the only one wearing it. Winning!

Image Credit: Miranda Stokkel