Hello! Tomorrow - An eco friendly collection from Billabong Womens

Introducing HELLO! TOMORROW the first ever eco friendly collection from Billabong Womens.

Inspired by the love of the ocean and a surfers intrinsic connection to the environment, the Billabong Womens family have embraced their responsibility as a brand, and even more so, as a community, to make a shift towards protecting the places that connect us all.

The sustainable line driven and inspired by Lex Weinstein and the Billabong Womens design team has been made using friendly fibres and recycled materials for high design and low impact including Billabong Womens first ever recycled neoprene wetsuits (made of 87% polyester from plastic bottles and 13% recycled spandex, foam made of 30% upcycled car tires, water-based adhesive & Dope Dyed Yarn).

The choices we make today, matter for tomorrow—and that is somewhere we can all begin.

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Watch the inspiring video for the collection with environmentalist and surfer Lex Weinstein and filmed by videographer Andrew Schoener here.