Eco travel tips: How to Holiday and Respect the Environment

We all love a holiday but being away from home and out of your regualr rountine can sometimes disrupt your best intentions when it comes to staying eco-friendly. Here are some easy tips and tricks to remember wherever you’re travelling, inspired by our good friends at Visit Noosa.

 1.Take 3 pieces (or more) of rubbish with you whenever you leave the beach, park or wherever you’re visiting. If you’re travelling with children, you can even make this a fun game for the whole family! Who can pick up the most plastic on your afternoon beach stroll? What plastic items did you find?  And of course, always take your own rubbish with you when you leave.

 2.Eat Local - Not only great for mother Earth, as it reduces carbon emissions created by food miles, but eating local is also for great your own health. Visit weekly farmers markets, or head to local growers such as the Noosa Country Drive for the best local and organic produce, or check out local restaurants to taste the best cuisine the locals have to offer.

3.Ditch the car - With less time constraints, holidays are the perfect time to ditch the car and walk, bike or catch public transport to get around. It might take a little longer but you’ll get to enjoy the experience like a local and see things you otherwise wouldn’t. Alternatively. forgoe the travel all together and make use of local nearby activities like surfing, hiking and stand up paddleboarding and enjoy the relaxation time.

4.Say no to single use plastics - especially straws, coffee cups and water bottles. Want to grab some takeaway and watch the sunset on the beach? No problem, just remember to BYO containers if you’re getting food to go and be sure to pack your keep cup for those morning coffee strolls.

5. Respect The Local Wildlife - One of the best parts of travelling will always be the diversity of wildlife. Look after the local furry, winged, prickly and water-dwelling residents and preserve their home by always staying on designated tracks in National Parks, leaving animals, plants, rocks and wood where you find them, pick up your rubbish and avoid noise pollution.

Head to for more helpful eco travel tips and to plan your next beachside holiday!

Image credit: Justine Bath, Visit Noosa and Greyhound Australia