Dream Session at Surf Ranch

“Sheet glass, the tide is low, its looking primo,” jokes Nathan Florence before he, his brother John and their friends Koa Rothman, Eli Olson, Kiron Jabour and more paddle out for a full day of slashes and tubes in Kelly Slater’s wave tank. The tide is always low at Surf Ranch, of course, and the conditions are typically pretty damn “primo” — that’s what makes it so dreamy, and it’s never looked more so than when right now while we’re all cooped up and surfless.

Along with the perfect waves and predictably-great surfing from the Florences and friends, the crew caps the day with the mother of all party waves in the pool. But before you cry “social distancing”, know that this was shot quite a while back, when COVID-19 was just a twinkle in a World Health Organization official’s eye. It may be some time still before anyone can enjoy a party wave once more, but at least we’ve got the Florences cranking out entertaining edits like this in the meantime.