Beers, brews and good times. 15 years of Gage Roads

Gage Roads Brewing Co. was created off the back of two distinct loves - good beer and the ocean. The name itself comes from the strip of water that separates Rottnest Island and Fremantle and it’s a spot that Aaron Heary, Gage Roads Brew-chief and the brewery founders were always closely connected to.

“It really shaped the brewery. Everyone who founded the business and myself loves the ocean. Whether it’s diving, surfing, fishing, boating or even just having a swim, it’s what we all love. The guys wanted to name the brewery after something to do with that love and that’s how Gage Roads came about. We’d look out over that strip of water and watch the ships pull up and come into the harbour. It’s also the spot you cross when you go to Rottnest on a boat and a lot of us spend serious time out there. It was a special place for all of us and it made sense to name the brewery after it. But it really was more than just a name for us, we wanted our beers to fit with that ocean lifestyle.”

Aaron’s been with Gage Roads Brewing Co since day one, when an old factory just outside Fremantle, Western Australia was transformed into one of the country’s early craft breweries. It’s been 15 years since that first beer was brewed, with a lot of beer under the bridge since then.

While there aren’t too many independent, craft breweries in Australia that have hit the 15 year mark, there’s still plenty on the horizon for Gage Roads. Born out of Freo and now shared across the country, Gage Roads is hoping to reach even more Australians in the future. 

“No doubt the last 15 years has been a lot of work. One of the values we’ve always had is to have fun while doing it. We take our beer seriously and we want to brew the best beer at all times. It’s been a long journey for us and the brewery has grown to become a great success story, but there’s been a lot of blood, sweat and tears that have gone in behind the scenes. But one thing we’ve never lost sight of is that we’ve got to have fun doing it.”

Cheers to that.

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