Aussie Surfing Legends #FightForTheBight

UPDATE Tuesday Febuary 25, 2020: We are thrilled to announce Equinor has announced they have pulled their plans to drill for oil in The Great Australian Bight.

A group of Australia's surfing legends including Mick Fanning, Sally Fitzgibbons and Jack Freestone are standing with ocean conservationists Sea Shepherd in the #FightForTheBight.

With the fight for protection of the Great Australian Bight at a critical point in history, the Australian surfing community is coming together to defend our unique marine wildlife and protect our oceans. Drilling in the pristine waters of the Great Australian Bight will irrevocably damage the marine environment and faced with the looming threat of an oil spill, the reality of deafening seismic blasts and climate destruction, drilling in the Great Australian Bight is simply not worth the risk. 

You too can stand with some of Australia's surfing legends in protecting the Great Australian Bight. TAKE ACTION TODAY -

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Image/video credit: Erica Newton, Sea Shepherd