7 Must do surf trips for time poor professionals

Looking for a surf trip but have some serious time constraints? Fear not, the surf tour pro’s World Surfaris have put together the ultimate list of their top 7 surf trips for the time poor professional.

Taking into account distance needed to travel from Australia, year-round wave quality, how far in advance you need to book, value for money and potential wave count (aka crowd factor), here are their top 7 surf trips:

1. Samoan Surfaris

The perfect surf trip for time poor individuals. Catering to a maximum of 5 surfers at a time, surf camp owner, Brent Ross will personally guide you on a daily surf sojourn capitalizing on his decade long knowledge of the main island of Upolu.

2. Tupira Surf Club (PNG)

Papua New Guinea should be high on any surfers bucket list as it’s more than just a surf trip, it’s an experience and an adventure all rolled up into one.

Tupira Surf Club is one of the first surf camps in PNG and is one of the easiest surf trips on the market. With a private right-hand point break at your doorstep and catering to a maximum of just 12 surfers, Tupira Surf Club is sure to give you an amazing surf fix!

3.Lakey Peak Haven (SUMBAWA)

Lakey Peak is more than just one wave. Located in East Sumbawa, Lakey Peak and its neighbouring breaks offer something for everyone.

4.Hudhuranfushi Resort (MALDIVES)

Considered the ‘best surf trip’ in the world Hudhuranfushi Resort, otherwise known as ‘LOHIS’ is located in the North Male Atoll of the Maldives and has one of the most consistent surf breaks at your doorstep and is exclusive to resort guests only.

5.Komune Resort (EAST COAST BALI)

Home to the Bali Pro and arguably the most high-performance wave on the world surfing tour, Keramas, Komune Resort offers you one of the most fun waves you will ever surf in your lifetime.

6.Joyo's Surf Camp (G-LAND)

G-Land has been plastered across surfing magazines for over 40 years and firmly remains at the top of most surfers bucket list surf trips for a very good reason.

7.Salani Surf Resort (SAMOA)

Salani Surf Resort is another great option for time poor individuals who want to get the most out of their surf trip. Catering for up to 12 surfers maximum. Salani is perfectly positioned at the foot of a rivermouth, with 2 reef breaks breaking either side approximately 1km from the private jetty’s of the resort.

For a full review of these epic surf spots and all the other awesome surfaris head over to worldsurfaris.com

Photo credit: World Surfaris